The best time for senior portraits is…..

As the Sherwood high school class of 2016 comes to a close and our current seniors have already past the winter yearbook deadline, it leads us to the question…


When is the best time of year to take high school senior portraits in Oregon? Since the weather will directly impact your images when taking pictures in the Northwest, the best time to plan your senior portrait session is spring of your junior year in high school, about March. By the time you are finished with Junior “Finals” you should definitely have your summer photography session happen.  Once you enter school as a senior in the fall may also be good options too if you love the outdoors and the color palette suits you.  High School Senior Picture deadline is winter of your senior year.  So, which season will make your natural skin tone, hair & eye color stand out? Read on to get an idea.


The season is the first thing to consider when planning your outdoor photo session because it determines what is blooming outside and affects the scenery. It will also effect the type of clothing you will be wearing whether it will be thin layers, light weight clothes versus thick fabrics and bundled up. Depending on the color of your skin, eyes and hair certain seasons are also best for you. Of course we can make any season work by strategically selecting the color of clothing you wear but, finding the right outdoor setting to complement your personal coloring will make for a more appealing image.


Okay, so spring has sprung and I’m loving all these pink trees in Sherwood! The weather is warming up outside…it hit 90 degrees this week! It’s amazing because we still get a few of those nice overcast days, perfect for outdoor portraits. Typically from about March to June we will start seeing a lot of the sweet pinks, lovely violets/lavenders, fresh fuchsia and whimsical blush blooming in just about every scene. When shopping for your outfits, you will find a lot of the garment colors available this time of year are pastels and light in color. In actuality, Spring  is the ideal time of year for almost every skin tone, hair & eye color to shoot in. As for wardrobe think….spring dresses, thin sweaters, pants and shorts. If you do want dress light during your session, this may be the best time of year for your photo-shoot.

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Summer is prime time and fabulous here in Oregon! The weather is perfect and everyone seems a little happier.  Summer colors are pretty vivid outside think striking red roses, vivid blue and purple blooms. As for skin tones, most people tend to get a little glow in the summer. As far as garment colors think bright blues, intense turquoise, zestful yellow, cheerful orange & hot pink. During this time most people dress super light… think breathable summer dresses, shorts and tanks. Remember to watch the tan lines because most of those cannot be edited.


Fashion Photographer Alicia Vazquez Oscar Dominick Satah 2014-10-22 (2)


Fall starts to cool down here, but these last few years it has been really nice because although it is cooler it is not freezing yet. Typically we start to see fall colors in September and are the most spectacular up through mid October. It’s pretty short and sweet. The foliage tends to fall pretty quick. During this time the scene outdoors will be deep, rich or muted. You will see lots of deep burgundy or wine, warm chocolate brown and caramel, golden yellows, burnt orange, olive green and delicate taupe. The outdoor colors tends to compliment those with olive skin tones, hazel, brown, green colored eyes and black, brown & red hair. As for wardrobe think sweaters, pants, closed toed shoes & boots. This year it was dark by 4:30pm so things have to be wrapped up pretty early.  If you are someone that likes to wear light layers, this may be the right time to take your images.



Hmmm….Winter the time when most Oregonians go into hibernation. Unless, we are driving out to the snow and skiing winter is not ideal for outdoor senior portraits. While not ideal it is still totally possible, we just have to get a bit more creative to make it work. As you may know most of the leaves have turned brown and fallen off of the trees so there are many bare trees. Fortunately, we do have plenty of evergreens, which can at times save a winter out door photo-shoot. We can even handle a little drizzle because sprinkling rain drops don’t really show up in images. On the other hand, it may bring on frizzy hair or water drops on clothing. These months are still salvageable by going indoors. If you do book a winter session, most colors are pretty neutral outdoors. You will see a lot of winter white, charcoal grey, gold, silver but this is a time to add a boost of color to liven up the scene. Since it is a little drab outside introduce a pop of color with a bold lipstick and accessories.


As far as the deadline for senior pictures…this year for Sherwood High School it was in the winter. Please don’t get stuck with an outdoor winter session as a last resort, it is best to plan ahead. By the way….as an FYI all booking clients receive color theory info and guidance to make all your beautiful features shine!


Alright, now keep in mind that since our photography company is based out of Sherwood Oregon this article is a little more geared toward the weather patterns in the Portland Metro area and surrounding areas like Lake Oswego & West Linn.  The southern and eastern parts of Oregon tend to be a little drier sooner. If you are reading this article the color theories can still be useful based on the time frame that your seasons begin in your region.


Your friend,

Alicia Vazquez



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