Preparing for an awesome photo-shoot






Think about your outfits. It’s a great time to treat yourself to an extra outfit or accessory for your shoot.  It revives your wardrobe and adds a little extra oomph to your stride! If by chance you get a haircut, it’s not required, but if you choose to experiment, it’s best done at least a week before your shoot so you have time to fix any mishaps. Very Important….Root touch ups…. are super important and definitely a must have if you color your hair. One half an inch of grow out will be a nuisance show up in every single image which cannot be edited from every image.  Make sure to clear your schedule on your calendar to allow enough time for your session along with the viewing appointment. Remember that part of the whole photography experience is enjoying the process and relaxing.  Having a specialized photo shoot on location that allows for plenty of time to unwind and be yourself in a photoshoot is  what makes us different than a quick in and out studio.



Very important…be sure to press all of your clothes and bring them to the session on a hanger. Trust me….I have had some show up with waddled clothes shoved in a big duffle bag, which was sadly, unusable.  It’s the perfect time to gather all of your outfits, accessories and shoes together in one nice spot, ready to go. How about you drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the skin and lips?  No one wants to deprive their lips of all that luscious hydration:-)  I wonder how good you will feel when you get a good nights rest?  You will most likely be energized and ready for tons of awesomeness, the day of the shoot.  Kindly remove any chipped nail polish as it can ruin an image. No need to get a new manicure, unless you can, but as long as you have nice clean nails, we will be ready to rock and roll.   Remember to wash and dry hair the day before, this way we save time by not having to blow-dry. You will get more photography coverage when you come prepared.


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Get ready for lots of awesomeness!  Before you do anything else…Make sure you get a good meal and a nice tall glass of water to keep you hydrated.  It’s also a great time to lather on some sweet smelling lotion on all the typical trouble spots like hands, elbows and knees.  Plan on getting ready early. You’ll be more at ease when you arrive to your shoot and are not stressed out about being late.  Most importantly…Prepare you mind. No negative thinking or self talk allowed. Whatsoever.  Nada…zilch….zip! If you catch yourself thinking negative about your body image you must make a conscientious effort to see your good sides. I want you to do this, just bear with me…positive affirmations are amazing!  For every negative thought you think about when it comes to your body image or whichever your negative self talk covers…. I want you to replace those thoughts with 2 good things about yourself.  So whether you worry about…body size, facial structure, height, hair loss, age etc..Repeat after me….


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I am beautiful.  I am worthy of happiness.  I am__________________________Fill in the blank with positive thoughts here are a few examples….sweet, positive, caring, kind, loving.  Replace these negative ideas for these positive thoughts.  I feel fat = I am conscious of my health. I love myself for who I am. I vow to love myself and work a healthier me.  I have wrinkles= I’m happy to be alive.  I am too tall= I have an awesome vantage point. I am too short= Good things come in small packages.  My body is deteriorating= I have a powerful and amazing mind.  I’m worried about the way I will look = I accept myself for who I am and I’m capable of connecting on a deeper level with people.  I’m nervous= Surprises are awesome!

So the bottom line is….planning ahead for your photo shoot will equal a more calmer positive you!  Preparing in advance will also keep you looking and feeling your best the day of your session.  Remember the most important thing is to prepare your mind and body for an amazing experience!


xoxo Alicia Vazquez

Wedding and Portrait Photographer