Color theory+What colors could you wear?





Alright color theory…no this is not a science class!  Color is bursting every where we look…in nature and when we look in the mirror.  Do you have pretty baby blue eyes or are you the classic brown-eyed girl? Color is life! It has the ability to transform our moods.  We can use color to display of our current mood. It can also set the tone to evoke a different mood when used in a certain atmosphere.  You know the feelings you get when you walk into a room.  The colors there will set the tone and give it a different feel. You use color when you get dressed everyday. I use it to take a striking image and make my subjects pop out of the scene or blend into it.


So, I’ll tell you a quick story. I’ve always had jet black hair.  I bought this gorgeous blue dress.  It fit like a glove. The second I put it on, I knew it was perfect for me.  Then decided to color my hair brown with red highlights.  I slipped into my gorgeous bold blue dress only to find out that it no longer looked perfect on me. In fact the color was so overpowering that I looked washed out and sickly in it with my new hair color. It was a total color clash disaster.  It was then 17 years ago I got into color theory.  I had to completely change my wardrobe if I didn’t want to continue looking like a zombie.  Needless to say I went on a shopping spree.  Immediately I discovered that I looked good in olive, yellow, and orange. You know all the warm colors.


Bottom line is…wearing the right colors can make us look good. Who doesn’t want to look good? Wearing the wrong color can make us look washed out and tired. I get it, there are days when choosing wardrobe colors is about comfort  or just a matter of how quickly it can get done.  Chances are if you are booking a photo shoot you will want what you wear to compliment you so your images look good or if you’re dropping a pretty penny on a dress for a special event, you just may want to look your best.


Let’s go through the colors of the rainbow for the fun of it.  I’ll list the positive traits and ditch the negatives because I’m cool like that! Red ooh! Red is bold & confident most people pull it off when they are feeling confident.  It evokes passion. Yellow the sunshine color is a happy color and known for making people feel warm and fuzzy. Pink is a sweet color associated with romance.  Green and all its variations usually signifies nature and it’s earthy.  Purple is a rich color associated with royalty and some people wear it when they are feeling mysterious.  Black is elegant.  How many people don’t have that little black dress? White, you know it purity! Think wedding dress. Wearing white also draws attention to the areas its warn in.  Brown is a deep earthy color and is associated with warmth.  Gold is bold and we usually relate it to valuable items. Orange the creative and invigorating color, bold enough to stand out but a little more cautious than red. Blue relates to  tranquility you may think of oceans or blue skies.


I use color to create harmony or contrast in my images. When the colors you wear compliment you and the scene we choose, it creates a dynamic image.  The opposite can also be true.  Wearing the wrong colors and placing you in the wrong scene can seem a bit chaotic and look a bit off.  If you’re an artist you know what I mean. Wink Wink! I use it to calibrate my monitor to guarantee I can view my images the way that I created them. Color is part of every aspect of my business but I can’t give away all my secrets!


What colors look good on you? Every speck of color in your eyes not only share a story of your inner soul, but also shares a few details on what colors look amazing on you.  Every strand and highlight of your hair colors opens up new shades and intensity of the colors that look good on you.  Confused yet? Let me give you an example light ash blonde hair is a light cool.  It means that you may just be able to rock a light cool colors like baby blues, lilac, sea foam green and light grey.  Skin tones….even with an array of foundation colors, finding the perfect shade is challenging.  Then come summer you just might tan a few shades. I know your not even mad. So, your skin shade might share a different color combo.  Yes, it can be confusing but it is rather simple.  It’s either cool or warm.  So….the question is…what’s your personal color story? What colors make your eyes pop? Which of the seasons hottest colors can you sport?  Take the quiz to get your personal color info.


I’ve created the ultimate guide for your personalized color theory palette.  It can change when you change your hair color or tan.  So check back often:-)

Thanks a bunch

Your friend

Alicia Vazquez