Attention Class of 2017 Senior Portrait Yearbook Deadline


Attention: Class of 2017 for all Oregon Schools, Senior portraits yearbook due dates and requirements listed for Sherwood High School #Bowmen, Newberg High School ,#Tigers , Lake Oswego High School #Lakers, West Linn High School, Tigard High School, McMinnville High School, Beaverton High School current as of June 18, 2016.  Updates will be available as they come in.


Pro Thoughts: If it were up to me…seniors would be able to have complete creative control over selecting their high school senior portraits for the yearbook as long as it was a good image photographically.  But, it looks like each school wants to have  a little continuity in their yearbook, thus the guidelines.  I’m publishing this because I feel that most students and parents are a little misinformed and not well prepared for the planning of their portraits session.  Generally, in Oregon most high schools tend to want the yearbook images turned in by Fall or Winter of the High School Senior Year.  So, most parents aren’t really aware of the deadlines until kids get back to school in September.  Once September hits in Oregon there really are only a few weeks of good weather to have your shoot and it’s very late in the season to be taking them.  Possible but risky with shorter days of light and heavy rains.  In order to have an awesome variety of locations planning for your high school portraits generally has to happen before finals of your junior year. You will notice there are two schools who have updated and prepared parents ahead of time.  For the remaining schools please keep in mind these are forecasted dates, to give you a general idea and heads of due dates.

As a standard we do provide senior portraits yearbook headshot standard requirements presented to all clients is a full resolution at 300 DPI.

This is one of two from all the Oregon Schools listed that has already completed and prepared a list of the senior yearbook deadline requirements for the Class of 2017 to all parents.  This is vital as you may know as soon as students complete their junior year, summer is the ideal time for senior portraits meeting the winter yearbook deadlines.


Deadline: Winter of February 1, 2017

Pro Thoughts: Sherwood High School, first I want to say I’m so proud of all the administration that has this up and running so fast.Which means that you have 3 months (July, August, September) of optimal weather for personalized outdoor senior portraits sessions. While it is great that our school district has an extended deadline keep in mind that the months of October – February months are full of drenched rainy days and all the leaves have withered away.

Requirements :

  • Full color
  • Vertical portrait
  • Head and shoulder shots only.
  • All seniors are required to submit a professional photograph by the beginning of the school year. Please note that your senior yearbook portrait will only appear if you submit it by the deadline, otherwise no picture will appear at all.

Pro Thoughts: Whoa, not having a picture at all is really bad especially since you will not even get the high school senior school ID image in there.  Parents and students please keep these dates in mind.  From experience the staff is pretty amazing and ready to help to make it happen, so feel free to ask.

Banned Images: No full body photos, pets, props, costumes, cell phone pics, silly faces, underwater, black or white images.

Contact Person: Amy Jack

Submit Images to:


Next up on the Radar is Tigard High School.  Excellent job on keeping the school district website current with senior portrait information for 2016-2017! I’m impressed.


Deadline Date:  Fall of November 8, 2016

Pro Thoughts: This is a more realistic date because Tigard High School does not include all the winter dead months.  They really do cut to the chase by providing a November deadline. While the deadline still goes into the fall months again you will want to keep in mind that the sun starts setting about 4:30 pm here in the Northwest and all the colorful leaves have fallen off the trees about the 3rd week in August.


  • Professional Image Required
  • Head and Shoulder
  • All image files must be properly labeled with Lastname.First name
  • Image must be emailed

Banned Images:

  • Selfies
  • Silly Portraits
  • Low Quality resolution images
  • Image on CD or USB * you can take your CD or USB to room 424 to submit it yourself during lunch.

Submission Email:

Contact Person: Mrs. Hillary Currier at or (503) 431-5491



Class of 2017

Deadline Date: School info is outdated *Forecast based on last year deadline January 2017

Pro Thoughts: Great community but it looks like the school is not informing and preparing in advance for senior photos.  If you wait until starting school in September you will have a limited amount of good weather to get good results for your high school senior portrait.

Contact Ms. Jami Wray for questions:

Submission: and click on “Seniors”


  • Color Image
  • Headshot meaning head and shoulder shot
  • Vertical
  • Dimensions 3″ tall by 2″ wide

Banned Images:

  • Black and White
  • No Hands in Portrait
  • No Hats
  • No distracting background

Additional Notes: Lake Oswego High School wants each senior to have their portrait in the yearbook.  I think that it’s very kind.  If you cannot have a professional senior portrait session you can submit your school ID picture to Ms. Wray.


West Linn High School

Senior Class of 2017 Portraits


Portrait Headshot (head and shoulders)

No Selfies

Banned Images:

No Full Body Pictures




Submission Email: and click on senior take to upload

Notes: If you may also a submit a photo in CD or Print.  Image must be labelled with student first and last name.  Please turn image in to Glenn Krake’s box in the staff mailroom.  You will also need to send a confirmation email to after drop off.


Deadline: Outdated* Forecast February 2017

Pro Thoughts: I have so many amazing friends in Newberg but OMG senior portrait deadlines are so outdated they are literally 2 years behind.  Here is the last known info so please be sure to contact the school for accurate up to date info. The yearbook will has no size minimum requirements but I wouldn’t recommend anything less than 300 DPI for a clear printable image.

Requirements: Color or Black and White accepted

Any Pose

Meet dress code

Vertical portrait

Must be a headshot featuring student

Label the image with first and last name.


Banned Images:

More than one person pose

Face should not be covered.

Submission Email:

Contact Person: Mrs Schaeffer at




McMinnville High School

Senior Picture Deadline #Class of 2017

Deadline: Outdated Site info *Forecast Date Sep 30 2016 

Pro Thoughts: To my understanding this year marks the first year with a lot of new requirements.  Many new rules have been implemented that were not in effect last year.  I know that most students were informed of the new guidelines before school was out this year.


  • Color Images
  • Meets dress code
  • Vertical Portrait
  • High Resolution 300 DPI

Banned Images:

  • Black and White
  • Hats

Wilsonville High School

Deadline: December 2016

Requirements: Headshot (head and shoulders)

Size: Height 3 inches by 2.25 Width

Quality: 300 DP Image Resolution

Notes: Senior portraits must be uploaded by deadline in order to appear in the year book.

Submit:  be sure to enter school code “Wilsonville”  Include the following after uploading image….

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Additional Info
  • Name of Student with image
  • Grade
  • Type in “Senior Photo” as photo description

Lincoln High School (Portland)


Deadline: November 2016 forecast*

Requirements: Face must be visible

Color or Black and White

Vertical Portrait Layout

File Name: Last name, underscore,first name


Abide by school dress code

Banned: Mask


Submit:  password gocards2017 email preferred but calls accepted during 4th period only (503) 916-5200 room 121

Notes: Professional Portraits suggested.  Creative photos welcomed.





Please keep in mind that this informational blog deemed current as of June 18,2016 and you should still check in for updates on your high school website to keep up to date.  We cannot be held responsible for failure to keep up to date with your high school yearbook requirements. We do provide your yearbook image in digital format so that you can easily submit that to your high school yearbook staff.

The following high schools will be updated today….  Wilsonville

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