My inspiration, “What inspires you?”

commercial travel portrait kyoto japan alicia vazquez copySo what’s an inspirational blog doing on my photography blog? I don’t think life would be interesting if it was all cookie cutter. Join me as I defy the usual with a simple blog about life. There’s a few things in life that keep my clock ticking.  Discovering new cultures with travel keeps me inspired.  Keeping my mind in motion by learning new things.  Being a mother is the most challenging yet satisfying job.


It’s interesting to see that life can be lived in many different ways.  The things we do on a day-to-day basis are not the same around the world.  Values are different.  Characters are different.  When we interact with different cultures it enriches our lives.  Seeing the difference helps us to appreciate who we are and how we fit in the world.

I have never seen such a gracious hospitable and orderly group of people, until traveling to Japan.  The art and historical sites were so intricate yet simple. How is that even possible? How can the act of sitting be done so graciously? Work that core baby!  I wish I was as gracious but you know I wasn’t.  Tea was such a big part of the day, it was served at every meal.  That must explain the great skin in Japan.  It was served almost ceremoniously.  The soft spokenness of the people made me want to whisper.  I felt so calm. If you love respectful orderly people you’ll have to put Japan on your bucket list. The Ramen! OMG THE RAMEN! It has kept me on a never-ending quest to find ramen like it in the states. To see the stark contrast of the new working culture in Tokyo and the historical past and traditions in Kyoto is so intriguing.


Ted Talks keeps the brain active. If you ever find yourself searching for inspiration catch a podcast of Ted Talks and you will be in for a ride. Discover mysterious information you never thought about and open your imagination with it.


Positive families are the most inspirational.  Witnessing the effort that most mothers make on raising a family is so touching.  Knowing that a mother can bring calm to a storm amidst chaos.  Because seriously, who doesn’t know that raising children can be a bit chaotic?   Life can be so demanding especially when more than one child commands attention.  Throw in the different age bracket and before you know it, family life is like a circus show. As a mother myself, I have prayed so many times about it, questioning my parenting style.  It’s all the small moments, the cuddling, random conversations with the teens that make it amazing.  What I have learned from the women in my life, is that you should never ever give up on your children, no matter what!  Give them the best you can, always.  Show them they can count on you.  Parenting can be challenging but is very rewarding.


So my question to you is…”What inspires you?”   What gets you going?  What helps you reflect on life?  I would love to know. Stay curious.


Your Friend,

Alicia Vazquez