Senior Pictures- Sherwood, Portland, Lake Oswego


Senior pictures nowadays are a big deal because it’s the perfect time to capture this highlight of your life.  Gone are the days when you take a quick 15 minute studio headshot.  Our high school senior portrait sessions range from 2-6 hours.  With sufficient amount of time to get the works with hair and make-up to add all those pretty finishing touches.  They allow for a variety of wardrobe changes along with location changes too. Parents must be actively involved so please plan on it:-) Plus, parents are good cheerleaders.

Booking your session is easy. I want you to be as informed as possible about every nook and cranny before your photo shoot.  This means we go over the session, the products, pricing and everything before your amazing session.

So, what is a session like? Well, it’s awesome of course! Okay so first we give you a little advice on what looks good on camera.  We discuss your likes and dislikes to determine what kind of location scouting we should do for you.  Are you an urban girl, city girl, or water girl?  We’ll go though what colors look good on your based on your hair and eye color.  This happens by telephone at least a week before your photography session.

Where do we meet? We meet at my home office in Sherwood Oregon.  This is where we will be doing all the hair and make-up:-)  We get you looking all gorgeous!  Usually, start off with a more natural look and then we add a little color with a bold lip if that works for you or a smokey eye.  It’s interesting how having someone else do your make-up makes all the difference.  You get the royal treatment:-)

Once we add all the finishing touches we all ride together to the central location we have chosen for you.  From that central point we begin with the first outfit and the first part of your photo-shoot.  Then, I’ll have you change into outfit number two.  We’ll do make-up and play up the neutral eye with a bold lip and walk to back drop number two.  We can usually do 2-3 outfit changes and locations within a one mile radius of your personalized outdoor on-location photo-shoot.

When we are though with our photo session we stop for a break.  Meet back up for the reveal of your beautifully hand selected and edited images. This, is the moment where you will get to select all of your favorite images and print products to enjoy for years to come.

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