Modeling with dignity and grace while making amazing art.

I had my share of modeling during my tv and spokesperson days in front of the camera. It was tons of fun! It was during those days that I came across plain weirdos. Thankfully I had a good support group that kept an eye out for me. I worked with some amazing companies like Univision and different media corporations. Bottom line, there is the typical stereotype, middle-aged (I won’t go there on the gender) person behind the camera selling the idea of making you famous by getting you to pose or work in an undignified way. From a ladies stand point I’m here to tell you that you can definitely model, pose, and photograph with dignity and grace while making art. It’s a promise!

You can show all the different colors of your personality during your session and still keep your dignity. I find that you can show all your strengths while shooting without being suggestive. And, Yes, I’m going there because I find that sometimes the photography subject may look for direction from their photographer. I think about it more so working with the ladies. You would think that some of this goes without saying but let’s be open. Sometimes you do have to spell it out. Having a daughter of my own, let me tell you, I want her to look gorgeous, feel unique and amazing! I would never want to think of her any other way. So, as a friend,mother & photographer….most people want to think of you in the same way.

There is a point of pride and dignity that we should have as individuals. Lately it seems like ladies are portrayed as perfect and unrealistic in the media. I don’t think we should ever be ashamed or for feel embarrassed to be ourselves. But I can also tell you that in no way shape or form should you feel that you have to conform to the medias standards of highly suggestive images.You are beautiful now! You don’t have to wait to be happy or have confidence until you have the body you have always dreamed of. You are valuable. Amazing art comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, heights & width.  Let your personality be the focal point of your photo-shoot.

I might as well take this opportunity to remind you that the images you put out there online cannot be taken back once they are out on the worldwide web. Yes, I know those words sound ancient, but it describes the internet properly,”WORLDWIDE”. Sometimes as humans we do some very stupid things. Don’t let internet pics be one them.

So, if you ever find yourself in front of the camera and realize the person behind it is a weirdo. You should never be asked to wear less clothing or pose in a suggestive manner. Don’t be afraid to speak up stand up for yourself and say, “No way sucker!” By the way always take a second person with you when you do an outdoor photo shoot. It’s just WAY better that way.

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Your friend,