Model Rep Perks- Ravishing Photography

eliana-newberg-high-school-senior-portraits-6576So…what is a High School Senior Model Rep?  Each year we select a few outstanding students from the Sherwood & Portland Metro Area high schools to represent Ravishing Photography.

What type of students are you looking for? Honestly, we like to work with good positive people.  If you have a zest for life and are adventurous, it just might work!  We love bubbly personalities.  Don’t shy away if you are a cool calm and collective person, we like that too. Most importantly we like to work with authentic people that we can trust and make amazing art with! If you inspire others we would love to hear from you!

Do I have to fit the tall & thin standard model profile? Of course not! Our models are real people who come in a variety of lovely shapes and sizes.  Beauty is skin deep and we love to embrace that!  We do not have any height or weight requirements.

What are the perks?  It’s pretty cool because senior reps get a few perks that are only reserved for high school reps like…extra bonus complimentary photo sessions which equal more looks. Instead of the usual 2 hour session you get bumped up to an additional complimentary session for a total of 4 hours to be used on two separate occasions. Complimentary hair and make-up with each session.  Depending on what time of year you are approved, the session may be a summer session and spring or fall/spring.  When you refer friends over they get extra bonus perks off of their session too.  Most importantly when you refer people over you get a chance to earn gift cards from your choice of Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Hollister, Mac, Sephora, Tilly’s,  Parents love it because you do get an exclusive 25% discount off all print products. Our reps get a minimum of $400 worth of savings.


What do I have to do as a model rep? Select your favorite pic for your social media profile.  Share all the goodness with friends.  I’m pretty sure your friends are in search of their portrait photographer as well.  Share the love by sharing our contact info with a simple tag.  Remember this is low pressure you are not required to sell anything or deal with pricing info. We do ask that you aim at sharing with at least 10 friends which is totally possible.

What are the requirements? You must be a student in your junior or senior year in high school a smoke and drug free student. Parent participation is required. Students must be exclusive reps for Ravishing Photography meaning you cannot represent another company at the same time. Any type of illegal criminal activity will result in an automatic disqualification.  We have never had an issue with this and we hope to keep it that way. We love to work with honorable people:-)


How many students do you accept as reps?  We max it out at 12 students per year.

What if I am not a junior or senior yet? Can I still apply?  Since, our rep spots are limited we do accept sophomore applications to hold future spots.  We cannot guarantee that we will continue to keep this process in place but at this time we are still open to it.

Where can I apply? We have an online application that can be filled out right here.