Sherwood Residents Alert: Exclusive creative office bound to make you enjoy your portrait experience

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Hello friends,


I have been quietly working on my new exclusive creative office.  I needed a new project that would provide an escape for me a place where I could work in the zone on retouching as well as  meet with clients.  It has been a dream of mine for a while.  While I’m not completely done, I thought I would share my process with you. There really is never the perfect time so why wait? Join me in the process.


I wanted to play up on some of the classic vintage inspired velvet tufted furniture pieces. I’m loving the style and suits my business branding well. I didn’t have the luxury of hiring an interior decorator but I think I got this down.

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How could I not pull inspiration from Pinterest? I created a board to  planned out the décor as reference guides. So, far I have painted the walls two shades of grey. It’s where I discovered the beautiful sexy grey walls. Since the office is 10×11, I did have to limit the dark grey accent wall to one wall, which is my focal point. I chose to use two tripod lamps white a white shade to complement the charcoal grey wall and add a little drama. I felt that using standing lamps versus two side tables would keep the space airy and not so crowded. They are of kind of cool in the evening giving off that moody and relaxing feel. The light grey walls remind me of the Portland Art Museum. I haven’t seen anyone use these colors and now all of a sudden my teenagers and their friends think it’s the coolest color ever.

high school senior private portrait studio sherwood oregon-15-3The focal point wall is where I placed my beautiful grey tufted chesterfield loveseat. I seriously feel that it must be the firmest loveseat in America. LOL! Aside from portraits I guess we are snapping that posture into place. I love the look period. Above the loveseat I just wanted one solid contrasting beautiful frame.  I’ve had this print forever but soon I will be using it to showcase my work.

studio office portraits sherwood-14 You know I was leaning toward a pink couch but was convinced out of it. When low and behold I came across a beautiful tufted pink velvet classic chair. It was to die for. To my surprise it is hubby approved. I had to bring in life with a pretty plant. I chose this snake plant since it has volume but grows upright and saves space. As for the tables I went for two gold round nesting tables with a mirrored top. Again the mirror bounces a little extra light, adds dimension and visually extends the space. I love that you can stack them on top of one another or move them around to place albums as needed.  I chose a tall standing mirror to extend the space visually as well.

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I did choose to store my files and camera gear in another location to keep it clutter free to focus on work and creativity. Not to worry though, it is still easy access.


I wanted the décor to inspire creativity. A tranquil space that would put you at ease, something vintage and ultra stylish. A place where I could also pour you a drink or enjoy a cup of coffee as we get to know each other.  I have had my share of meetings with clients at coffee shops, which can have some upbeat vibes. However, I really wanted to elevate the client portrait experience by having a professional dedicated space. It allows me to offer a truly personalized experience and service.

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I feel that in order to capture an image of a person and really discover who they are, I kinda have to get to know my clients. Just like you need to get to know me and understand what how I work. The space allows you to get past the initial phase of being photographed by someone you don’t know. The first few minutes of having your picture taken is just plain awkward.  I think that is the case for most human beings. So, you can see how a comfortable private office space where we can chat,  plan the session, go over wardrobe, products, is crucial to putting you at ease with the whole process and getting good authentic photographic results.


Overall this project has been inspiring and given me much to look forward to. I hope that it does the same for you.


There are so many things I am working on in the next phase like replacing the flooring with a dark wood. I will be adding trim details to the walls. Of course,  displaying fresh artwork is on the agenda. I will be finalizing the office with window treatments.


The final goal is converting the garage into a backup studio space. I’m looking forward to that. I have a few moveable walls planned. Again, I do love working with my clients in the natural outdoors. But, I want  the flexibility and option open to have my own studio space for a rainy day. Stay tuned for the new lighting techniques we will be implementing for that Vogue magazine look. Yes! A high-end magazine style portrait for everyday people. Why not?!!?


I want you to know that you are getting a first class session from beginning to end.  When you leave my office you will walk away with beautiful artisan luxury products that will be in your family for many years to come.