New Rebranding & Logo Design for Ravishing Photography



We have had our share of change since we founded Ravishing Photography in 2008.  We cringe when people say that failure is an option.  But I am excited to announce that we are introducing the rebranding  logo for Ravishing Photography.  This logo is being used for all of our portraiture, high school senior portraits, family portraits, engagement sessions and weddings.


The goal with our previous design was to create a logo that would be recognized around the community.  Something that would look good on various platforms.  Somethings not too masculine or feminine that could be used on any image neutrally.   But we did find that the gold triangle  was not very direct.  We began to notice  a trend of gold logos with other photographers.  While, all of our products, promotional materials including the office decor seemed to tie in with our previous logo, we felt we needed a change. You know we like to carve our own path, the less traveled road.


We wanted to find something more clear and concise.  That not only named our company but also incorporated my personal signature.  A logo that would look classic and beautiful on any image.  So we went for a clean classic design.  Making sure that it wouldn’t be an eye sore or the corner of an image mattered. So we present you with our new classic logo. We feel that it does suit the entire custom experience. What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts?


As for our gold triangle logo, we have decided not to retire the logo.  Still love the clean minimalistic design. Drum roll….announcement teaser number two. We are still in the development phase, but we are hoping to implement it on our new corporate division.  As you many know that we do provide corporate head shots and environmental portraiture.  We are adding a new division or sister business with additional services along with the corporate images.  Wha laa! It’s going to be good!  It has been in the works for almost a year or so and we are pretty close to the reveal.  You can look forward to those updates when they are all finalized.  Yes, you will be getting the low down with links if any of you have businesses.


Until then my friends, work hard, expect the unexpected, be kind, roll with the punches, create your own path, compete against yourself, improve yourself and don’t forget to live a little.



Alicia Vazquez

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