Check out the funky wall art combination at my house!


My yellow walls…ouch.

Okay, so if you know me you know that we just bought our house.  It’s the perfect size.  Not too big not too small and just perfect for my office up front and a little shooting space.  What I love about it is that it has all the big windows so the light can come in, just like I wanted.  It has this buttery yellow color that makes it feel airy and sunny.  Lord knows we need days like that in Oregon.    I have to paint it but it’s a huge project with vaulted ceilings which I do need to hire someone for. I’ve been inspired by those charcoal grey moody vibes lately.  I’m thinking grey and blue but you just can’t decorate the whole house at once. So it’s on hold for now.


Of course none of the previous frames work with the new layout or decor. Someone suggested to uh…” just change the frames.”  Nope doesn’t work that way!  This calls for photo-shoots and a little bribing:-)  The first up was my youngest baby boy who is 9, sushi is his weak spot.  A photo-shoot in exchange for sushi worked like a charm.  I have some beautiful images of my son and even though he doesn’t know the value of these now, he will when he’s old.


Bottom line, don’t judge…..the image I decided to enlarge is against this gorgeous fuchsia bush.  It totally clashes with my butter yellow walls.  But, I’m in love with Romans gorgeous smile.  I knew it was a perfect shot for a metal print.  I did it in a 24×36 which is typically large for a close up.  The ceilings are pretty high, so I think it works!  For now, I do have a funky wall art combination but I’m cool with that!  My walls were in dire need of a little life!  I mean seriously how could I be a portrait photographer with no wall art? As for my color combination,  I’m a photographer not a painter:-)


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