About Ravishing Photography

Fashion Photographer Alicia Vazquez01-05-49



Hi! Thanks for checking in!

About the company: I started my company just shy of 10 years ago. I began shooting as a hobby when I was in high school with the good old polaroid 24 years ago.  Sticking with my business is the best thing that I have done.  I have a small beautiful office/showroom at my home office.  It is where we meet clients before the shoot for hair and make-up.  We just added a small shooting space for rainy day and winter shoots, it’s pretty cool!


Locations: 99% of our photo-shoots are outdoors on location with a location relevant to you.  Most sessions are close to the office in Sherwood but we do head out to Portland and other areas too. When we plan the shoot we keep in mind your personal preferences and your daily life to find the location that will best describe you in your element.  I will say I do have a thing for mural walls since we have so many in the area but only if they suit you.  I try not to shoot in the same locations.  We have increased our travel shoots and have expanded to other US cities and international shoots for intimate destination weddings.


The Session: The top priority is to get an AUTHENTIC expression from you! The sessions are two hours minimum so that you can be yourself. It is the ultimate portrait experience that include make-up and hair.


The Products: It is a full service company from start to finish. Meaning that we provide a completely finished product with museum quality wall art and albums. We believe that these memories are important enough to archive.


The goals: Our goal is to photograph you in a way that you have never seen yourself before.