Model Rep Perks- Ravishing Photography

eliana-newberg-high-school-senior-portraits-6576So…what is a High School Senior Model Rep?  Each year we select a few outstanding students from the Sherwood & Portland Metro Area high schools to represent Ravishing Photography.

What type of students are you looking for? Honestly, we like to work with good positive people.  If you have a zest for life and are adventurous, it just might work!  We love bubbly personalities.  Don’t shy away if you are a cool calm and collective person, we like that too. Most importantly we like to work with authentic people that we can trust and make amazing art with! If you inspire others we would love to hear from you!

Do I have to fit the tall & thin standard model profile? Of course not! Our models are real people who come in a variety of lovely shapes and sizes.  Beauty is skin deep and we love to embrace that!  We do not have any height or weight requirements.

What are the perks?  It’s pretty cool because senior reps get a few perks that are only reserved for high school reps like…extra bonus complimentary photo sessions which equal more looks. Instead of the usual 2 hour session you get bumped up to an additional complimentary session for a total of 4 hours to be used on two separate occasions. Complimentary hair and make-up with each session.  Depending on what time of year you are approved, the session may be a summer session and spring or fall/spring.  When you refer friends over they get extra bonus perks off of their session too.  Most importantly when you refer people over you get a chance to earn gift cards from your choice of Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Hollister, Mac, Sephora, Tilly’s,  Parents love it because you do get an exclusive 25% discount off all print products. Our reps get a minimum of $400 worth of savings.
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Modeling with dignity and grace while making amazing art.

I had my share of modeling during my tv and spokesperson days in front of the camera. It was tons of fun! It was during those days that I came across plain weirdos. Thankfully I had a good support group that kept an eye out for me. I worked with some amazing companies like Univision and different media corporations. Bottom line, there is the typical stereotype, middle-aged (I won’t go there on the gender) person behind the camera selling the idea of making you famous by getting you to pose or work in an undignified way. From a ladies stand point I’m here to tell you that you can definitely model, pose, and photograph with dignity and grace while making art. It’s a promise!
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Why print and why not “just” digitals?

Friends, time is but a fleeting moment.  It moves forward before you know it, the past is no longer the present. I dream of living forever, most people do.  Prints let you stare at the past.  Digital technology changes quickly and before you know its unusable. Let me explain why I’m pro prints.


Let me ask you a question.  How many pictures do you have stored on your phone?  Okay these are rhetorical questions.  I don’t want you to actually tell me.  If you think about it you’ll get the point.  How many pictures do you have stored on your desktop computer?  How many pictures do you have on your digital camera?  How many pictures do you have stored on your laptop, iPad or iPod? I’m not guessing 20 but possibly thousands. I’m also guessing years worth of precious memories.


How many of you have upgraded your cell phone? Got it stolen or plain lost?  Had a computer crash?  Had to delete photos because you’ve reached the maximum capacity?


What are some of the methods of saving your memories or images? Let me guess you use a floppy disk? Nope!  I know you use a CD? That is so 2008. Apple doesn’t even make computers with a CD Drive.  Well all the devices mentioned but they can all be gone in an instant so let’s think outside the box.  The cloud right? Sometimes your services provider comes with a little space for saving your images to the cloud but honestly 5 mg just won’t cut it before you need to buy more space. An external hard drive is what most people should do but ah who does that? Well, pro photographers do.  Oh, let’s not forget memory sticks, those come in handy. While it is the current technology, I assume in a few years they just might be long gone just like the floppy disk, not having a reasonable way to be viewed.  Yes, I use current technology.


But  really the only reliable form of archiving your pictures is by printing them.  How many of you have been given a family heirloom of your family legacy, like pictures of your grandparents, parents or maybe pictures of when you were little? Hopefully, your fortunate enough to have a few.  I managed to save a few family photographs that brought my baby sisters to tears, good tears. How many years worth of pictures do you take? What kind of memories are you preserving? Are all your pictures selfies? I know they’re not.  You probably have taken pictures of important things like graduating high school, college, family vacations, weddings.  Important mile stones and time frames like baby’s first steps, missing tooth moments, first day of kindergarten, last day of middle school along with random moments and events.  How about pictures of the family with the first child, when the kids are teens, when they have their own families, when we look good, goofy and plain bad.  Pictures of when we are young and when we are old.  Pictures of us when we are here and when we are gone.


So let’s talk prints.  How many of your pictures have you printed in the last few years? If you are like most people probably none.  Let me ask you, what pictures will you show your kids and grandkids when you get older.  Will your cell phone be around? I doubt you’ll be able to power up your current cell phone when your 85 to show the grandkids.  Will we even have Facebook then?


When we spend so much time and preparation to get your photography session perfect…why would we send you home without properly printed archival images?  I want you to have an heirloom print on your fireplace to show the family.    I value my work my clients and I value your memories.

Sending you home with just digitals is a disservice to you.  Why would I use thousands of dollars worth of gear to create a beautiful well rounded portrait session only to have you figure out the printing on your own?  Many years ago when I started out I  tried Walgreens, Costco, Target and Walmart labs only to get green skin tones, highly saturated images, cheap paper or altered images as part of their color balancing. When I went pro I realized I needed a calibrated computer monitor to make sure all the colors were balanced  just the way they were when the images where taken, not only in camera settings but with professional editing software and completed with professional printing.  The finished products are delivered in a beautiful print on photographic paper that is acid free which means that it last at least 100 years with proper care.


So…now you know. Why I’m pro prints.  Get the picture?


Your friend and professional photographer

Alicia Vazquez

Ciao Baby!

Senior Pictures- Sherwood, Portland, Lake Oswego


Senior pictures nowadays are a big deal because it’s the perfect time to capture this highlight of your life.  Gone are the days when you take a quick 15 minute studio headshot.  Our high school senior portrait sessions range from 2-6 hours.  With sufficient amount of time to get the works with hair and make-up to add all those pretty finishing touches.  They allow for a variety of wardrobe changes along with location changes too. Parents must be actively involved so please plan on it:-) Plus, parents are good cheerleaders.

Booking your session is easy. I want you to be as informed as possible about every nook and cranny before your photo shoot.  This means we go over the session, the products, pricing and everything before your amazing session.

So, what is a session like? Well, it’s awesome of course! Okay so first we give you a little advice on what looks good on camera.  We discuss your likes and dislikes to determine what kind of location scouting we should do for you.  Are you an urban girl, city girl, or water girl?  We’ll go though what colors look good on your based on your hair and eye color.  This happens by telephone at least a week before your photography session.

Where do we meet? We meet at my home office in Sherwood Oregon.  This is where we will be doing all the hair and make-up:-)  We get you looking all gorgeous!  Usually, start off with a more natural look and then we add a little color with a bold lip if that works for you or a smokey eye.  It’s interesting how having someone else do your make-up makes all the difference.  You get the royal treatment:-)

Once we add all the finishing touches we all ride together to the central location we have chosen for you.  From that central point we begin with the first outfit and the first part of your photo-shoot.  Then, I’ll have you change into outfit number two.  We’ll do make-up and play up the neutral eye with a bold lip and walk to back drop number two.  We can usually do 2-3 outfit changes and locations within a one mile radius of your personalized outdoor on-location photo-shoot.

When we are though with our photo session we stop for a break.  Meet back up for the reveal of your beautifully hand selected and edited images. This, is the moment where you will get to select all of your favorite images and print products to enjoy for years to come.

My inspiration, “What inspires you?”

commercial travel portrait kyoto japan alicia vazquez copySo what’s an inspirational blog doing on my photography blog? I don’t think life would be interesting if it was all cookie cutter. Join me as I defy the usual with a simple blog about life. There’s a few things in life that keep my clock ticking.  Discovering new cultures with travel keeps me inspired.  Keeping my mind in motion by learning new things.  Being a mother is the most challenging yet satisfying job.


It’s interesting to see that life can be lived in many different ways.  The things we do on a day-to-day basis are not the same around the world.  Values are different.  Characters are different.  When we interact with different cultures it enriches our lives.  Seeing the difference helps us to appreciate who we are and how we fit in the world.

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Which Sherwood Photographers are licensed for business?

Sherwood High School Senior Pictures

Sherwood High School Senior Pictures

The city of Sherwood is an amazing town. Our town is by no means flawless and in no way am I implying that, but we have a sense of pride, because it’s a great town with awesome schools.  It’s a great place to raise a family. My kids have enjoyed getting promoted from elementary, middle school and graduating from Sherwood High School.  In fact, I have a few still in that process.  When we decide to do business with local businesses it supports our community and helps it thrive.


Doing business locally is an opportunity to support small businesses who take great pride in their workmanship. You get to experience one-of-a-kind creativity and know that your choices  help sustain and encourage unique one of a kind businesses.  Consider this, when deciding where to take your high school senior pictures this year. Only 3 out of the 12 Photographers listed on the Google search as Sherwood Photographers covering High School Senior Portraits are actually licensed businesses in Sherwood, OR. Yes, Ravishing Photography is one of them! Another benefit of working with local entrepreneurs is you get to know people in your community. It’s good to know that you are doing business with a licensed business because it adds credibility and reliability.  Keep our Sherwood Dollars in the community and support local Entrepreneurship. Want to know if your Sherwood photographer is licensed for business? Click on this link to find out

Attention Class of 2017 Senior Portrait Yearbook Deadline


Attention: Class of 2017 for all Oregon Schools, Senior portraits yearbook due dates and requirements listed for Sherwood High School #Bowmen, Newberg High School ,#Tigers , Lake Oswego High School #Lakers, West Linn High School, Tigard High School, McMinnville High School, Beaverton High School current as of June 18, 2016.  Updates will be available as they come in.


Pro Thoughts: If it were up to me…seniors would be able to have complete creative control over selecting their high school senior portraits for the yearbook as long as it was a good image photographically.  But, it looks like each school wants to have  a little continuity in their yearbook, thus the guidelines.  I’m publishing this because I feel that most students and parents are a little misinformed and not well prepared for the planning of their portraits session.  Generally, in Oregon most high schools tend to want the yearbook images turned in by Fall or Winter of the High School Senior Year.  So, most parents aren’t really aware of the deadlines until kids get back to school in September.  Once September hits in Oregon there really are only a few weeks of good weather to have your shoot and it’s very late in the season to be taking them.  Possible but risky with shorter days of light and heavy rains.  In order to have an awesome variety of locations planning for your high school portraits generally has to happen before finals of your junior year. You will notice there are two schools who have updated and prepared parents ahead of time.  For the remaining schools please keep in mind these are forecasted dates, to give you a general idea and heads of due dates.

As a standard we do provide senior portraits yearbook headshot standard requirements presented to all clients is a full resolution at 300 DPI.

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Class of 2017 Summer Senior Portraits- Now Booking

hannah happy black and white

It’s that time of year. Wait a minute?!? Now booking High School Senior Portrait Sessions for class of 2017? Yes! If you just wrapped up your junior year at Sherwood High School, Tigard, Lake Oswego or Newberg High School it’s time for your senior portraits. 🙂 Trust me, you don’t want to wait until the school reminds you about you senior picture deadlines in the dead of winter.


So, this year we are inspired by all these gorgeous summer day vibes. Yes, you too can be part of all of this awesomeness! This summer we will be featuring urban vibes with Portland Cityscapes and  Lake Shores. If you are an original water baby this may be for you!


This is a current update as of June 14th 2016 of my summer calendar.  Spots are filling up quickly. Click this link to check it out >>>>>>>>>>>June


For booking info review the calendar and call (503) 724-8711 email

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Rock Your High School Senior Yearbook Headshot!

high-school-senior-yearbook-portrait-sherwood-bowmen-2002 550-copy-1The last  year of high school is a major milestone! Your getting closer to being all grown up! All that hard work you put in these last years, late nights of homework not to mention stressful finals.  Finally, you are getting recognized for all your hard work.  And to think that you roamed around high school campus during your freshman, sophomore, and junior year with a school id that resembles a mug shot.  Finally, it’s your time to shine with your pro headshot.  You know senior year…you have to go out with a bang! So…how do you rock your high school senior yearbook headshot?


First, be your amazing self and bring that to your photo shoot. Your positive energy has to be on point.  It’s not the time to hide who you are.  I hope you did your homework on this one because connecting with your photographer is going to make a difference on whether you look uptight or relaxed. Quick tip when looking for your pro, consider personality vibes along with an amazing body of work. By amazing body of work I mean other sample senior pictures, Just like you wouldn’t get your sports gear at a grocery store, make sure your photographer actually takes pictures of people versus flower shots. LOL.  Honestly, personality is almost as important as photography skill level.  If you look like a zombie out of fear and confusion because you don’t know what to do during your session and your photographer doesn’t have people skills to get you to relax, you will look uncomfortable in your picture.  The key is you gotta be  yourself and have fun on your photo shoot.  When you are comfortable with your photographer you get to enjoy the moment.  When you are genuinely having fun your head shot is going to come out fabulous because your smiles will be authentic.  Seriously, if your photographer has to ask you to smile, run.  That’s plain weird.  Fake laughs always look fake. Your photographer is there to make you look good and you should just have fun.


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Color theory+What colors could you wear?





Alright color theory…no this is not a science class!  Color is bursting every where we look…in nature and when we look in the mirror.  Do you have pretty baby blue eyes or are you the classic brown-eyed girl? Color is life! It has the ability to transform our moods.  We can use color to display of our current mood. It can also set the tone to evoke a different mood when used in a certain atmosphere.  You know the feelings you get when you walk into a room.  The colors there will set the tone and give it a different feel. You use color when you get dressed everyday. I use it to take a striking image and make my subjects pop out of the scene or blend into it.


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