You may have heard of a boutique photography services. What does that even mean? No I’m not talking about a fancy store front in the best neighborhood. Even though, Sherwood Oregon does happen to be one of the best neighborhoods in the country. It’s not a word you throw around lightly.  Ravishing Photography is a boutique photography company specializing in Portraits and Weddings. We don’t shoot everything because we have found our niche. The world is our canvas.  We shoot on location as well as offer in home consultations.


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If your a mom like me….you’re probably documenting all those important milestones in your kids lives.  From the first day of school to the first driving lesson.  If your like me…you probably whip out your cell phone very inconspicuously to get a genuine teenage moment.  It’s handy and small. I love it! Documenting day to day life has never been easier. What’s the importance of backing up phones anyhow?


I have known the importance of backing up my images taken with my camera for many years now.  Those babies go through a quintuple- back up…cloud, computer, hard drive, cards and print.   But….when iCloud storage came into play, I was against it because I didn’t feel comfortable with my “personal” family information out there on a massive black cloud. But, it’s time to face the music.  There is no way to escape it, every time we post on social media our info is out there.


Any how, we took our kids to an amazing vacation in Hawaii because our oldest graduated high school and we wanted to give the kids a special gift to remember.  Two weeks on the island of Kauai and it was pure bliss!  Bottom line…stolen phone…with Hawaii vacation pictures.  Even though I got a  new iPhone 6 plus in rose gold just like I wanted, I had all those silly pictures I got of my kids on our vacation to Hawaii!  It’s not like we go to Hawaii every year!  We just went on that trip!


The upside?  You know, since I’m a photographer, I did have all my beautiful camera gear with me.  I did come back with a couple thousand images.  I captured the kids running out of the water at the North Shore and the amazing Hawaiian Tahiti Dance Competition.  As soon as I got home, I went through my drill.  Cull and print.  Found my favorites and printed them on heirloom canvases and prints.  I have a medium heirloom 20×30 canvas of my youngest boogie boarding displayed in my living room along with other large images gracing my entrance hallway.  It was pretty nice because I also captured video during our secret lava bed excursion on my main camera.  If I wouldn’t have had my camera I would have been miserable.  I do miss those little snaps shots I took with my phone though.

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I’m guilty ladies.   When it came to booking a photography session, I had that bargain mentality ingrained in me, and for a lot of things it’s still there. Btw….For visual purposes, the lovely family you see featured in the images are my clients:-) So, back to the story.


The thought occurred to me take portraits with my kids.  So, I booked my session. I bought us  new outfits and got all dressed up.  In the smallest studio space we could be in. Honestly, I really didn’t know the difference or even what to expect.  It was literally about a 4×4 space. I don’t know how we managed to get more than one pose in the smallest studio I ever seen, but we did.

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Are you currently a Junior at Sherwood Highschool or the surroundings areas like Lake Oswego or Westlinn? Are you adventurous and outgoing?  Are you smart and kind? Do people look up to you? Do you want gorgeous and unique high school senior pictures?  Alicia is casting for the Best High School Role Models graduating as the Class of 2017.


What is a High School Senior Role Model Rep? It an an amazing and exclusive program for a very unique group of High School Juniors who have a positive impact on those around them.   All reps will get the opportunity to participate in two big fun themed model rep photo shoots. What are the perks of being a rep? As you refer friends you get to earn your premier high school senior photo shoot session with hair and make-up make-over worth $200-$600. Only a limited amount of applicants will  be chosen. Representing Ravishing Photography as a model rep is an awesome experience . What do I have to do as a rep? You will be responsible for handing out your model rep cards and sharing your with friends on social media. Any extra bonuses? All reps also receive a bonus credit off all heirloom print products. The more you refer the more you earn.   sign up here…



What are the requirements?


No modeling experience needed


Between the ages of 15-17


If you are social this might be for you!


Do you have a unique look?


This is for lovely juniors of all shapes and sizes.



Application deadline is June 1, 2016. If your interested in applying start here. Please remember to go for it in your application in as much detail as possible.  A little friendly competition doesn’t hurt anyone since the stakes are high.


Your Friend

Alicia Vazquez

Amazing Professional High School Senior Portrait Photographer






Think about your outfits. It’s a great time to treat yourself to an extra outfit or accessory for your shoot.  It revives your wardrobe and adds a little extra oomph to your stride! If by chance you get a haircut, it’s not required, but if you choose to experiment, it’s best done at least a week before your shoot so you have time to fix any mishaps. Very Important….Root touch ups…. are super important and definitely a must have if you color your hair. One half an inch of grow out will be a nuisance show up in every single image which cannot be edited from every image.  Make sure to clear your schedule on your calendar to allow enough time for your session along with the viewing appointment. Remember that part of the whole photography experience is enjoying the process and relaxing.  Having a specialized photo shoot on location that allows for plenty of time to unwind and be yourself in a photoshoot is  what makes us different than a quick in and out studio.



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As the Sherwood high school class of 2016 comes to a close and our current seniors have already past the winter yearbook deadline, it leads us to the question…


When is the best time of year to take high school senior portraits in Oregon? Since the weather will directly impact your images when taking pictures in the Northwest, the best time to plan your senior portrait session is spring of your junior year in high school, about March. By the time you are finished with Junior “Finals” you should definitely have your summer photography session happen.  Once you enter school as a senior in the fall may also be good options too if you love the outdoors and the color palette suits you.  High School Senior Picture deadline is winter of your senior year.  So, which season will make your natural skin tone, hair & eye color stand out? Read on to get an idea.


The season is the first thing to consider when planning your outdoor photo session because it determines what is blooming outside and affects the scenery. It will also effect the type of clothing you will be wearing whether it will be thin layers, light weight clothes versus thick fabrics and bundled up. Depending on the color of your skin, eyes and hair certain seasons are also best for you. Of course we can make any season work by strategically selecting the color of clothing you wear but, finding the right outdoor setting to complement your personal coloring will make for a more appealing image.
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