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Why print and why not “just” digitals?

Friends, time is but a fleeting moment.  It moves forward before you know it, the past is no longer the present. I dream of living forever, most people do.  Prints let you stare at the past.  Digital technology changes quickly and before you know its unusable. Let me explain why I’m pro prints.


Let me ask you a question.  How many pictures do you have stored on your phone?  Okay these are rhetorical questions.  I don’t want you to actually tell me.  If you think about it you’ll get the point.  How many pictures do you have stored on your desktop computer?  How many pictures do you have on your digital camera?  How many pictures do you have stored on your laptop, iPad or iPod? I’m not guessing 20 but possibly thousands. I’m also guessing years worth of precious memories.


How many of you have upgraded your cell phone? Got it stolen or plain lost?  Had a computer crash?  Had to delete photos because you’ve reached the maximum capacity?


What are some of the methods of saving your memories or images? Let me guess you use a floppy disk? Nope!  I know you use a CD? That is so 2008. Apple doesn’t even make computers with a CD Drive.  Well all the devices mentioned but they can all be gone in an instant so let’s think outside the box.  The cloud right? Sometimes your services provider comes with a little space for saving your images to the cloud but honestly 5 mg just won’t cut it before you need to buy more space. An external hard drive is what most people should do but ah who does that? Well, pro photographers do.  Oh, let’s not forget memory sticks, those come in handy. While it is the current technology, I assume in a few years they just might be long gone just like the floppy disk, not having a reasonable way to be viewed.  Yes, I use current technology.


But  really the only reliable form of archiving your pictures is by printing them.  How many of you have been given a family heirloom of your family legacy, like pictures of your grandparents, parents or maybe pictures of when you were little? Hopefully, your fortunate enough to have a few.  I managed to save a few family photographs that brought my baby sisters to tears, good tears. How many years worth of pictures do you take? What kind of memories are you preserving? Are all your pictures selfies? I know they’re not.  You probably have taken pictures of important things like graduating high school, college, family vacations, weddings.  Important mile stones and time frames like baby’s first steps, missing tooth moments, first day of kindergarten, last day of middle school along with random moments and events.  How about pictures of the family with the first child, when the kids are teens, when they have their own families, when we look good, goofy and plain bad.  Pictures of when we are young and when we are old.  Pictures of us when we are here and when we are gone.


So let’s talk prints.  How many of your pictures have you printed in the last few years? If you are like most people probably none.  Let me ask you, what pictures will you show your kids and grandkids when you get older.  Will your cell phone be around? I doubt you’ll be able to power up your current cell phone when your 85 to show the grandkids.  Will we even have Facebook then?


When we spend so much time and preparation to get your photography session perfect…why would we send you home without properly printed archival images?  I want you to have an heirloom print on your fireplace to show the family.    I value my work my clients and I value your memories.

Sending you home with just digitals is a disservice to you.  Why would I use thousands of dollars worth of gear to create a beautiful well rounded portrait session only to have you figure out the printing on your own?  Many years ago when I started out I  tried Walgreens, Costco, Target and Walmart labs only to get green skin tones, highly saturated images, cheap paper or altered images as part of their color balancing. When I went pro I realized I needed a calibrated computer monitor to make sure all the colors were balanced  just the way they were when the images where taken, not only in camera settings but with professional editing software and completed with professional printing.  The finished products are delivered in a beautiful print on photographic paper that is acid free which means that it last at least 100 years with proper care.


So…now you know. Why I’m pro prints.  Get the picture?


Your friend and professional photographer

Alicia Vazquez

Ciao Baby!

My inspiration, “What inspires you?”

commercial travel portrait kyoto japan alicia vazquez copySo what’s an inspirational blog doing on my photography blog? I don’t think life would be interesting if it was all cookie cutter. Join me as I defy the usual with a simple blog about life. There’s a few things in life that keep my clock ticking.  Discovering new cultures with travel keeps me inspired.  Keeping my mind in motion by learning new things.  Being a mother is the most challenging yet satisfying job.


It’s interesting to see that life can be lived in many different ways.  The things we do on a day-to-day basis are not the same around the world.  Values are different.  Characters are different.  When we interact with different cultures it enriches our lives.  Seeing the difference helps us to appreciate who we are and how we fit in the world.

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