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4 ways to accessorize your photo-shoot, for guys.

accessorizing your photo shoot for guys.

I love when guys bring accessories and if there is ever a moment to bring them it’s during your photo-shoot.  Just remember when you choose your accessories they should just be an extension of you.  You should feel awesome in them!  I don’t know how many times I have seen young senior girls wear a big floppy hat and it looks like a much much older person in a different era dressed them.  Please don’t let anyone convince you to wear something uncomfortable.  You want to look your age, in your element and authentic to your personal style.


Shades are awesome! Plus, they give you something cool to do with your hands.  Again, this is a personal choice.  If you can rock the round mirrored glasses, have at it!  Or if you can pull off the sheriff glasses go for it!  As long as it’s a pair you actually wear during the summer time. You know what looks good on you.  You can feel it the second you slide the pair on.


Watches also bring another element to the image.  If you are the type to sport a shiny gold watch or rugged leather watch, bring it on!

Portland senior pictures- copy

Hats are another very personal item. I have shot a few senior portrait sessions with few hat fans.  I photographed this young man who worked out in the country after school.  He rode at the rodeo on weekends.  Having his cowboy hat described who he was.  I guarantee you, he wore that hat aside from the photo-shoot.  It was authentic to him.  Not everyone is a hat person.  Bring what you can pull off.

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I didn’t realize bracelets were a thing with the guys but…duh…I guess my hubby and boys have been into them for a long time.  They wear them on a regular basis.

This kid pictured has his own personal style! I love this hipster look. It’s also obvious that he loves what he’s wearing and is having a good time out in Portland. Be yourself! Be authentic and have fun doing that!

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Color theory+What colors could you wear?





Alright color theory…no this is not a science class!  Color is bursting every where we look…in nature and when we look in the mirror.  Do you have pretty baby blue eyes or are you the classic brown-eyed girl? Color is life! It has the ability to transform our moods.  We can use color to display of our current mood. It can also set the tone to evoke a different mood when used in a certain atmosphere.  You know the feelings you get when you walk into a room.  The colors there will set the tone and give it a different feel. You use color when you get dressed everyday. I use it to take a striking image and make my subjects pop out of the scene or blend into it.


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Preparing for an awesome photo-shoot






Think about your outfits. It’s a great time to treat yourself to an extra outfit or accessory for your shoot.  It revives your wardrobe and adds a little extra oomph to your stride! If by chance you get a haircut, it’s not required, but if you choose to experiment, it’s best done at least a week before your shoot so you have time to fix any mishaps. Very Important….Root touch ups…. are super important and definitely a must have if you color your hair. One half an inch of grow out will be a nuisance show up in every single image which cannot be edited from every image.  Make sure to clear your schedule on your calendar to allow enough time for your session along with the viewing appointment. Remember that part of the whole photography experience is enjoying the process and relaxing.  Having a specialized photo shoot on location that allows for plenty of time to unwind and be yourself in a photoshoot is  what makes us different than a quick in and out studio.



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