What are you business hours?

All consultations, portrait sessions, viewing and ordering appointments are conducted Monday through Friday 8 am – 5pm Pacific Standard time.  Commercial event portraiture is open to weekends.

I’m in the area…can I just drop in?

We are by appointment only, so give me a ring and we’ll get you in.

Can I bring people with me to my portrait session?

You are welcomed to bring along one person to accompany you during your session.  I encourage you to bring someone you will be completely comfortable around that will have a positive effect on  your session.

Can I correspond via Facebook or Instagram messaging?

I understand that social media is a big part of life.  I encourage you to email me at  my business email aliciav@ravishingphotography.com , as there is a bigger chance that I will be able to reply quickly.  However, I do use social media for my business and do occasionally check it.  You are welcomed to communicate with me that way as well but just keep in mind it will be during business hours.

How long do you keep my images?

We double archive all images that you purchase for a 6 month time period.  Unfortunately, due to  the large file size of images and volume of images we have, we cannot archive any images that are not purchased during your viewing and ordering appointment.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Check, Paypal and Cash.

When is my payment due?

Full payment is due during the viewing and ordering appointment.  We do also have other options available. Feel free to ask.

What if I need to reschedule my session?

We understand that at times circumstances happen that are beyond your control.  So much preparation goes into preparing for your personalized session.  We respect your time as we kindly expect the same from you.  We do like to respect our commitments.  If you find that you must reschedule please allow a 24 hour window. Since, we like to stick to our word in business and work with people who value our time we will no longer reschedule a session that needs to be rescheduled twice.  When we schedule your session, we are sure to not double book and carve out a large time frame for your session.  Thank you for valuing our time.

What if it rains?

We shoot rain or shine.  A little drizzle doesn’t really affect our photo-shoot.  We do like to have a back up plan in place though just in case.  If it’s a downpour we will definitely reschedule. This reschedule will not count against you:-)

When will I get to see my images?

You will have an opportunity to see your images for a portrait session the day of or within the week at your viewing and ordering appointment.

Can I cancel the order I have placed?

Due to the custom nature of your portrait services, we cannot cancel orders once they are placed.  We want you to be completely satisfied with the order you choose to purchase.  We urge you to please consider your order carefully before finalizing it as we are also obligated to keep our orders with our printing services and have put much effort into customizing your purchase.

What if I just need one picture?

We are a custom specialty portrait photography company.  We spend a considerable amount of time with our clients before and after each session.  If you are looking for just one image, I may not be the right photographer for you. I encourage you to read my blog under…. “What I learned from booking an inexpensive session over a decade ago”. Hope this helps.