Shooting On Location

Here is a little FAQ about the location of the photo-shoot.

Where will I meet you for my outdoor session?

Family portrait, high school senior portraits and lifestyle portraiture all begins right at my office in Sherwood located in the Woodhaven area. We will always be meeting here first.

studio office portraits sherwood-14If you are a corporate client, I will be coming to your office and photographing in your place of business.

Do you have a list of locations we can choose from?

No, actually it’s way more personal than that.  We go over your personal style and I base my location around your wardrobe and your personality.  I take into account who you are and try to photograph you in your element.  For example if you are a high school senior at Newberg high school we will head out to Newberg.  The same goes for other high schools like SHS, Lake Oswego and so forth, You get the picture.

If you are having a family portrait session and are from right here in Sherwood, we will be shooting right here.  Of course I have photographed at all the parks…you know Stella Olsen, Woodhaven and around town and how could we forget Old Town Sherwood but  I’m not the type of photographer that will always use the same locations for a whole bunch of families. That’s just plain boring to me and too predictable.

I also do house calls.  I especially do them for large family portraits when we have a few generations present.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a session at the grandparents house with all the kids and grandkids. House calls are also great if you have horses and want to incorporate your four-legged friends into the shoot.  I love doing house calls because we get a real sense of who you are.

What other factors go into selecting a location for my session?

The light is one of the main factors.  The location has to have beautiful light.  I guess you have to have an eye for that.  A beautiful location does not always have beautiful light. So its wardrobe style, personality, hair and eye color, light and then location.

I’m a very visual person and pay lots of attention to color.  If we are going for something bold I may look for a background that contrast with what you are wearing.  If we are going for a softer look I may choose a background that is monochromatic.

-1Elianna Printable_MG_6566 _MG_6870If you are wearing something glamorous like a gorgeous prom dress then I’m going to choose a striking and maybe classy location.

If you are a city person and into the keep Portland weird thing, you know we are heading to Portland for a stroll.

I will guide you every step of the way.  Ask all the questions to get to know you.  During our consultation we will plan out wardrobe and take it from there.  I usually location scout before the shoot.  There is nothing like a good old drive.  But again it really depends on the time of day and the quality of light during the photography session.

What locations have you photographed at?

I have shot in some of our beautiful cities and states here in the US.

San Francisco, CA

Long Beach, CA


Sedona, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona


obviously Portland, Oregon

Woodburn, Oregon

Sherwood, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon

Beaverton, Oregon

Molalla, Oregon

Silverton, Oregon

Newberg, Oregon

Lake Oswego, Oregon

West Linn, Oregon

Kauai, Hawaii

I also have had the privilege of photographing out of the country.

Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo Japan Beauty by Alicia VazquezTokyo, Japan

British Colombia, Canada

Fuenjirola, Spain

Mougins, France

Cannes, France

If you have a location in mind that is special to you, I’m all ears.  Thanks for reading hun.


Your friend and portrait photographer

Alicia Vazquez

Ravishing Photography