Spring Pictures

high_school_senior_pictures_portland_photographer-0790The flowers have started to bloom and we are finally seeing our first glimpse of sun here in the Portland Metro Area.  We have been dying to see get outside in tank tops and get a small dose of natures vitamin D.

Spring is just so gorgeous  because we get all these pretty pink and purple trees.  Just the thought of that sounds absurd but really…pink trees!!! I’m really drawn to spring pictures because flowers and blooms give off that dreamy look.  All the colors pop but they are really subdued and soft.  The scenes are refreshing as opposed to all our winter grey skies.  It’s like there is just enough color to prep us for all the bold summer colors ahead.

Another great thing about spring pictures is the fact that we no longer have so much rain. Heavy winter rains can bring havoc to our photo-shoots.  I hate to think of the thought of rescheduling. So, when spring comes in the rain is a little lighter.  We still have some of those overcast days which are really good for taking pictures in. But it’s like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I really love that we finally get all of our foliage back.  The buds and blooms start to peep through all the dead branches and we start to see life with all the vegetation too.We no longer have to search hard for a good decent background.  No more empty dead trees to work around.  Just a whole bunch of prettiness!

So when it comes to deciding when to take senior pictures be the early bird.  Plan ahead.  This is the perfect time of year to take your class of 2018 senior pictures.  I know you are not even thinking about it because I don’t think the high school even preps you for it until August and if you wait until then you’ll be stuck working around the rain.