Why Alicia?

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What sets me apart from the rest?

Authenticity! You are going to have an amazing experience from the first phone call to the moment your custom artwork is in your hands. You may have heard that… “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” That’s where I’m different.  “This is personal because it is business.”   This is a relationship business and over time we do naturally cultivate an authentic friendship. I honestly feel that the more we are open about who we are the more likely we are to draw similar people.

When we decide to work together, many amazing things happen.  You will be soaring with confidence and feel beautiful being yourself! You don’t have to worry about how to pose or what to wear because I will be there every step of the way to show you the ropes.  You will look back years later and be so glad that you took the time to take a quality customized photography session. Own the moment.

You can genuinely relax during the session because we are not in a rush. I don’t run a cookie cutter business and it’s not a numbers game. I’m not worried about rushing you into the maximum amount of poses I can within a 15 minute time slot and rush the next 30 minutes to sell sell sell! I limit the amount of clients I take per day in order that each client has enough quality time to unwind and let go during the session.  We need that time to discover what makes you unique. There is so much time invested in my clients, and I love it!

Before you even book your session, you are well informed on everything you need to know in order to select the best products that you will be happy with.  There are no surprises or tactics but rather,  I  know exactly what you desire and need before the session because I listen to your needs and help you get those beautiful images that make you happy.  You know all the detailed products price list before your session even takes place.  I make sure that I give you all my professional guidance selecting the proper artwork that suits the design of your home even if that means making house calls to give review the space you need artwork in.  Then you will get to view the images in a beautiful presentation.  The icing on the cake is fulfilling your speciality heirloom artwork in the hottest show stopping newest materials in the industry.

If this resonates with you…give me a buzz.


Your Friend


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